Draw out the leader in your child. With fun-filled activities such as storytelling, games and puppetry, KIDS PLAY is the best place to build positive belief systems for our next generation of stars.


How can you create the life you deserve? The OCCI Leadership Trilogy leads you through an experiential journey that will transform your understanding of yourself and your relationships, creating joyful change in your family, workplace and society.

The three-step process of FLEX, ALC and LEAP will allow you to: achieve awareness of the mindsets that have shaped your present reality; let go of limitations that are holding you back; and manifest results you want in your life.

The overwhelming success of the Trilogy is built on the warmth, authenticity and trust that individuals experience within themselves and with others, creating a growing community of leaders who create change wherever they go.

Coaches Certification Program

With the proven success of the OCCI Leadership Trilogy in creating cultures of excellence, OCCI offers an intensive Coaches Certification Program for people interested in becoming facilitators, life coaches and organizational development consultants using the latest experiential learning methodologies.